Who are we?

The founders

Daniel Otero Baguer

“AI in medical diagnostics can only be successful with top-notch models” – Daniel fully personifies and “lives” this claim: He ensures that only overall excellent products are developed and handed over to the customers. Due to his many years of experience in digital pathology, he is also the “Médico” in the team.

Jean Le’Clerc Arrastia

“Mathematics without IT is like fish without water” – Jean combines both worlds and can program excellently as well as implement the mathematical correlations cleanly. He is responsible for all programming and IT solutions in the team and based on his experience is also responsible for the UI/ UX.

Maximilian Schmidt

“Behind the good, there is usually something great” – Max’s alert inquiring mind keeps the project on its toes and ensures that we always stay ahead of the wave technologically and can thus consistently offer market-leading solutions. He also enthusiastically searches for errors in testing and is thus elementary for our high product quality.

Dietrich Schreiber

“That can be done better” is an integral part of Dietrich’s vita: after extensive experience in various industries and consultancies, it is now a matter of bringing this approach to the start-up concept and to the pathology field. Thereby, he focuses on the finances and commercial aspects of the start-up.

Peter Maaß

Peter Maaß supports the project intensively as a mentor. As leader of the Center for Industrial Mathematics in Bremen, he has driven forward and enabled the establishment of digital pathology here. His experience from many industrial projects as well as university spin-offs in the field of life sciences helps us to set the right course and to keep the number of dead ends low.