Health-i-award 2023

Discover the Health-i Award 2023: aisencia in the Top 10!

We are pleased to announce that aisencia has been distinguished as one of the top 10 finalists for the Health-i Award 2023. This initiative, a collaborative effort between Germany’s top business newspaper, Handelsblatt, and the renowned health insurance provider, Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), celebrates the innovative spirit of healthcare start-ups. This year’s focus is entirely on groundbreaking digital health solutions.

aisencia in the top-10 of the Health-i Award 2023

About the Health-i Award

Since 2016, the Health-i Award is dedicated to identifying exceptional ideas that enhance patient well-being and set the trajectory for the future of digital healthcare. This accolade honors innovative projects, products, and business models that are catalyzing transformation and advancement in the healthcare sector.

This year the jury is composed of an esteemed panel of 11 experts. In addition, the public also plays a crucial role in the decision-making process. The collective voice of the public counts as the 12th member of the jury.

What It Means for aisencia

Being recognized as one of the top 10 finalists highlights aisencia´s unwavering commitment to revolutionizing pathology. Our dedication is clear in our endeavors to bridge the existing gap in digitalization within the field of pathology. By seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence, we are poised to meet the rising demand for faster, more accurate, and accessible cancer diagnostics.

What’s Next?

The winners will be announced at a special event in Hamburg on October, 12th. The best three start-ups will get awards, and it’s also a chance for us to meet experts from the healthcare, business, and political worlds. We look forward to this occasion with a lot of optimism!

The jury: Überblick: Wer sitzt in der Health-i Jury 2023? (

Link to Vote (until August, 18th): Zum Voting und zu den Top-10-Start-ups beim Health-i Award 2023 (

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