aisencia in London at the 10th Congress for Digital Pathology & AI

We are thrilled to announce that aisencia will be an exhibitor at the 10th Digital Pathology & AI Congress: Europe. This outstanding event, taking place on the 7th and 8th of December in London, is a hotspot for leading minds in the field of digital pathology and artificial intelligence.

Darren Treanor, one of the organizers, emphasizes the shift towards digital solutions in pathology and sums up the essence of this digital revolution in his opening letter:

Pathologists no longer ask if they should go digital, but how they can go digital?

His insights highlight the journey from skepticism to the widespread acceptance of digital pathology.

At aisencia, we are actively involved in using AI to enhance pathology, especially for the detection and clasification of skin diseases. We look forward to sharing our latest developments with you.

We look forward to your visit at booth 20a in London!

Here’s what you will find at our booth:

  • Our advancements in Dermpath: Discover our latest innovations that accurately analyze histological skin samples, aiding in the diagnosis of over 40 skin diseases with high precision.
  • Interactive generative AI tool: Experience our unique generative AI tool that allows you to create your own dermatopathology images.

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